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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Recent News & Events

Guest Speaker: Dr. Biplav Srivastava on Chatbots

300 Main B103

The Potential and Risks of Working With Conversation Agents ('Chatbots')

Code-a-thon Prep

Swearingen 2A17

Tips and Tricks for the upcoming ACM Code-a-thon

Functional Languages

Swearingen 2A17

An in-depth presentation going through why you should use a functional language to make yourself a better programmer.

Intro to Python

Swearingen 2A19

Joshua Nelson will be giving an introduction to Python using a real-world project.

Basics of Web Development

Swearingen 2A19

Dalton Craven will be going over the basics of web development. We'll be working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and will finish the talk by creating a personalized website! No prior web dev experience is needed, but beginners and experts alike are welcome to join.

Elections and MINIX Mini-talk

Swearingen 2A17

This Wednesday, we will be having our last meeting, where Charles Daniels will be giving a small talk on MINIX. We will also have elections, and some cake!