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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Recent News & Events

Spring 2021 Codeathon

Hackerrank / Discord

Solve coding problems! Get extra credit! Great interview prep! Win prizes!

Intro to Rust


What is Rust? Where is Rust? Why is Rust? An introduction to the Rust programming language.

Functional Python


Pattern matching, comprehensions, filters, lazy evaluation,

Timeline of an Undergraduate Degree


A panel discussion that will answer questions, and offer advice for various tracks. Please bring questions, and all questions and interjections are welcome.



Introduction to Caching

Codeathon Solutions


Problem writers will explain solutions to the Codeathon problems and the thought process behind the solution.

2020 Fall Codeathon

Discord and Hackerank

Come to our semesterly Code-A-Thon October 9 7pm - October 10 7pm. Solve fun problems, meet new friends, and have fun sans the pizza.