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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Fly Over Comp Sci

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Justin Baum

ACM will be hosting its first talk of the 2020 Fall Semester. In a new twist we will be conducting our meeting online, and click here to join us on Discord.

We will have a few moments to welcome all of the new members and then we will enter a deep dive into the field of Computer Science in general. Some of the topics covered are:

  • A short discussion on what we would do differently as an incoming student, and general good tips

  • Origins and Pioneers of Computer Science

  • Theoretical Computer Science

    • Computation
    • Complexity
    • Algorithms
    • Information Theory - Computer Engineering
    • Computers
    • Operating Systems
    • Programming Languages and Compilers
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Application

    • GOFAI Good Old Fashioned AI
    • Neural Networks
    • Computer Graphics
      • Ray tracing
      • Path tracing
      • Rasterization
    • Supercomputing

The great thing about this talk is we will only be diving into each topic for 2-3 minutes, as almost every one of these topics can be a talk in themselves. Feel free to chime in with prior experience or thoughts throughout the talk. We look forward to seeing you!

Update: the slides will be here!