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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Type Safety

Swearingen 2A19

Justin Baum

This week, Justin Baum will be giving a talk on Type Safety.

I will go over what type safety is, and what defines it. Then I hope to explain why using type safety leads to a great reduction in side-effects. I will explain and give examples of side effects as well. I also have a few examples of what happens in dynamically typed languages, and one I learned recently, duck typing. I also have examples why you should unit test, and if you’re expecting inputs from the outside world, code-scrub. Also why C++ and Java dominate the imperative world.

We also have a few other exciting things coming up:

  1. There will be a New CEC Mentor Program starting in the Fall! This will pair upperclassmen to new students. Note that the deadline is Monday, April 1st 2019, or the Monday AFTER this meeting. If you are interested, read more about it and complete the application at

  2. The Industrial Advisory Board Meeting is going to be on April 5th. Please look for another entry on the Home page for this.

  3. We need volunteers for Fix-it Day. This is our yearly community service event where we fix people's computers for free. If you are interested, please attend the training held after this meeting. Look for an article on the home page.