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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Tetris in Conway's Game of Life

Swearingen 2A19

Matthew Clapp

Hello Everyone,

This week, Matthew Clapp will be giving a talk on creating Tetris in Conway's Game of Life.

Conway's Game of Life is a famous example of a 2D cellular automaton. Despite the simple rules that govern the Game of Life simulation, it is possible to construct complex patterns with interesting behavior. In this talk, I will explain how my team applied "the fundamental theorem of software engineering" to develop an entire computer processor within Game of Life. I will show how we assembled logic circuits, designed a custom architecture, and wrote a compiler, all so that we can play perhaps the world's slowest game of Tetris. Recommended reading: the Wikipedia article on Conway's Game of Life. A write-up of our project can also be found at

Things Coming Up

(At Time of Writing)

  1. Code-a-thon (March 1st, 2019)

  2. Coulter's talk on MonoGame, a Videogame Framwework.

    • Look for a link in the Index for more details.