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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Open Source South Carolina

SOCO Vista

Brady O'Leary

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

6:30pm (Event Starts), Doors Open at 6:00pm.

SOCO Vista (823 Gervais St. #220, Columbia, SC - Above Jason's Deli)

Note: please take notice of the event location and time, as it is different than normal.

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Hello Everyone,

In Lieu of a normal meeting this week, we are asking people to attend Open Source South Carolina's event linked above. There are two talks being given during this event.

Event Details

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We'll start 2019 with a meetup featuring two great topics and two world-class speakers. Topics and speakers will include:



In 2018 Gatsby was the 3rd most popular React library on GitHub (more than 13k stars) and it is rising fast.

Speaker: Tom Wilson - Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer, JRS Coding School / Tabula Rasa Healthcare

Abstract: GatsbyJS is a new generation static site generator using React and Graphql, and it is blazing fast!

FYI, there is a movement happening in the web development community called the JAMStack, and it is pushing the limits of what static site generators can do. This new way of publishing and managing websites is turning out to be a viable alternative to Wordpress. In this presentation, I define what the JAMStack is and why GatsbyJS is so much more than a static site generato. I will explain why you would be interested in using GatsbyJS and show a short demo of creating and deploying GatsbyJS website. Experience with the frontend development is preferred and if you have experience with React the demo will make more sense.


Serverless Computing

Speaker: Mark Hinkle, Co-founder, Triggermesh Mark has a long history in emerging technologies and open source. Before co-founding TriggerMesh he was the Executive Director of the Node.js Foundation with membership including Microsoft, IBM, Google, Intel, PayPal, and other industry leaders.

Previously he was the VP of Marketing at The Linux Foundation. Mark joined the Linux Foundation from Citrix were he was the Head of the Citrix Open Source Business Office with participation in numerous trade organizations including the Xen Project, Apache CloudStack, Open Daylight, and the Open Stack Foundation. Mark joined Citrix as a result of the acquisition of where he was Vice President of Community. Previously he held the position Vice President of Zenoss, an open source enterprise management company and Director of Technical Support for MindSpring/Earthlink.


Serverless is FaaS-tastic

Serverless can be misleading as a descriptor. Serverless infrastructure actually runs on servers. However, the “server-less” reference comes from the fact that serverless abstracts the complexity of running servers away from the software developer which enables them to develop software without having to worry about the scaling, redundancy and overall infrastructure design. This is called Function-as-a-Service or Faas for short.

For the purposes of this talk, we’ll discuss serverless technologies where someone else is providing serverless infrastructure. Popular serverless platforms include Amazon Web Services Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Microsoft Azure Functions.

The presentation will also discuss the software that can be used to deliver Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) that enables serverless, including serverless frameworks like Knative, Kubeless, OpenFaaS, and Oracle’s fn.

Finally, we’ll cover what a cloud-native application might look like including the use cases and design patterns that serverless is geared towards providing.

Doors will open at 6:00 pm ET, programming begins at 6:30. Talks will start at 6:40 and 7:30/7:35.

Food and beverages will be served, as always! Great swag will also be available.

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Next week, the event will be back on Campus as normal. We hope to see you all there!

Here are links to the presentations. Thanks to everyone who came out!


Tom Wilson — GatsbyJS

Mark Hinkle - Serverless Computing