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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

Single Board Computer From Scratch

Swearingen Engineering Center, 2A17

Georphoe Lin

A talk centered around a project that began with breadboarding a cpu and led to a fully designed microcomputer on a single PCB. The speaker will be discussing OS design principles, as well as designing hardware from the ground up and no prior experience. From difficulties of designing an RTOS on a Harvard architecture chip to boot sectors, bootstrapping and signals timing. Also will be touched upon are memory management, interrupts, and execution rings. We will also discuss a bit of x86 v AVR and RISC v CISC, but mainly this will be a talk centered around the nearly finished project. Come and join us as we see all the steps and learning curves that went and go into designing, pcb prototyping and assembling a full microcomputer from first principles.