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Association for Computing Machinery at the University of South Carolina

A Primer on LATEX and TikZ

Swearingen 2A19

Hunter Damron

Hello Everyone,

This week, Hunter Damron will be giving a talk on Inserting SVG Graphics in LaTeX, and using Tikz as well. LaTeX is an Open Source Typesetting System, usually used in Technical, Scientific, and Academic Settings to produce documentation. Tikz provide extensions to the language, allowing for adding things to the documents easily.

This is considered to be a more intermediate technical talk, and your understanding of it would be helped if you have at least seen LaTeX code before, though this is not required.

LaTeX Example Example of Tikz. Perhaps you've seen something like this on a Math Exam

Check out for examples of Tikz.

Things Coming Up

We have some events coming up soon (at the time of writing) that you should be aware of.

  1. Code-a-thon (March 1st, 2019):

  2. Next Week's Talk:

    • Matthew Clapp will be talking about Tetris in Conway's Game of Life. Look for an entry in the index for more details.